NUSWhispers – Confession #89350

Last december, I met this guy through a friend and we started texting on the phone everyday. One day, he asked me if I have a boyfriend and I said I don't have a boyfriend. Soon he confessed his feelings and we started dating. He's very sweet, kind, caring and generous. He would often treat me good food and buy me whatever I ask him to buy, like clothes, bags, dyson hair dryer and macbook. Last night, he suddenly told me that his friend saw me with another guy at a restaurant. He asked me if I'm seeing another guy and I said 'yea sort of'. He then asked me how long have I been together with that guy and I said '5 years'. He was shocked and furious and he even called me a liar for lying to him that I don't have a boyfriend. But technically I didn't lie to him because that guy is not my boyfriend. He's actually my fiance. He was so angry he even asked me to return him the macbook which he bought for me. Seriously I think he's super unreasonable. First, he called me a liar and then he wants me to return him the macbook that he bought for me. I did not even lie to him. I just didn't tell him I have a fiance, that's all. And how can he ask me to return him the macbook. Technically, since the macbook was a gift for me, it belongs to me, not him. He has no right to ask me to return it. Somemore he willingly bought it for me. I didn't even force him to buy it. I have no obligation to return the macbook to him right? Seriously why are some people so petty? Just break up if you not happy. Still want take back macbook? Crazy guy.