NUSWhispers – Confession #89238

Been together with my gf for about half a year now, and I’m start to feel that my gf is a gold digger. More and more often, she acts like the rich type of person who have too much money to spend. She complains that I don’t change my surgical mask frequently enough. I don’t understand what the problem is with that. Even if you reuse surgical masks many times, it still looks the same what. I’ve been reusing the same surgical mask since January, it’s still as good as brand new to me. Why must always listen to those sellers selling surgical masks to tell you to use each mask one time only? Reusable masks can reuse, but surgical masks cannot? Can use some common sense or not? So many people out there are really brainwashed by their marketing ploys. My gf also complains that I use soap as a substitute hand sanitiser to clean my hand when I don’t have access to running water. Hand soap and hand sanitiser are the same what, rub on your hands can kill germs. That’s why when my old bottle of hand sanitiser ran out, I refilled it with hand soap directly. Then I use hand soap the same way as I use hand sanitiser, rub without water. Only difference is that hand sanitisers are much more ex, all because of the marketing polys by the salesmen, which so many people fall into again. The last straw came when my gf slapped me when I tried to use a surgical mask in place of a condom. Singapore condoms are so ex, she want me to go bankrupt is it? Some more the mask I used to wrap around my dick is brand new one, straight out of the ndp funpack and she still want to complain. If surgical mask can filter germs and is waterproof, shouldn’t it be able to block or filter out sperms as well? I really should be the one slapping some common sense into her instead. This gf of mine is really getting more and more naggy by the day, which reminds me more and more of my mother. Should I breakup with her?