NUSWhispers – Confession #89044

Since my GF broke up with me during BMT I thought this meant that my romantic life was over... Was in a really dark place for most of NS and things only started to get better when I entered Uni. Orientation week and I met this amazing girl, and we clicked immediately!? I was afraid to get back into the dating game after the last heartbreak and luckily she wasn't all that in a rush. We started off as friends and all through year 1 were like buddies. Only officially became bf/gf right before year 2 though our friends like to say we were basically already there. Things were going great for a while, then covid-19 struck. And we had to move from the dorms back home... Idk if it was the stress from home Quarantine or year 2 or both and everything else but our relationship has really taken a beating. We barely talk and when we do it always ends up in an argument. Recently she mentioned taking a break and is this her saying she wants to break up??? Is this going to be like Ross and Rachel, is she going to cheat on me??? Idk what to do, I tried going over and talking to her but she refused to see me and open the door. I stood outside trying to call out to her but she still didn't want to talk to me, even her neighbors opened their doors before she did! Should I try climbing into her house? She has a window opening out to the corridor anyways so it'll be safe. Her parents are essential workers in the healthcare sector so they won't be home and it's be unlikely I'll transfer or catch covid-19 from them. She doesn't have any senior relatives living with her as well, and neither do I. Saw the news recently and this other guy broke into his ex's house and all he got was detention and honestly, if that's all that it takes to see my GF again and win her back I'm willing to risk it. I mean, I'm not even trying to strangle her, I'm a nice guys, I just want to talk.