NUSWhispers – Confession #89014

The past was such a nice place to be while the present is such an ugly reality. Life seemed perfect but now everything is in crumbles. I had a great job and a wonderful gf but it feels like I have nothing left now. I saw your insta account on tinder and followed you coz you were really cute. You followed back and we started talking. You wanted to meet so we met and we hit it off straight away. We went to watch a movie and I held your hand halfway through the movie coz I was feeling cold. But I wanted to be closer to you too. You held my cold hands tightly and looked worriedly at me. We couldn’t bear to part ways after the movie and just stood there at the mrt gantry looking at each other. But We already planned another date the next day. We went to gardens by the Bay and I asked if it was ok to hold your hands. You asked me back if it was ok too and we held hands. We watched the light show and I kissed you, to your surprise but you liked it. We went for a few drinks after that and you asked if I wanted to be in a relationship with you since we already kissed. I said yes, and we became a couple after just 3 days of knowing each other and 2 days of dating. It was one of those rare encounters where there was an immense amount of chemistry and spark between us. We were a happy couple tgt. Going out tgt on dates was always fun. You would cook lunch for us and I would make breakfirst sometimes, or we would cook tgt. We dressed fancily to nice restaurants and took romantic photos tgt. We worked out tgt so that we would always look good tgt. We went to a Christmas gathering and you told everyone that you finally found the right guy. We met each other’s family and they liked the both of us tgt. You planned a big surprise for my birthday and was always thinking of how to make me happy. I felt touched, because no one treated me so well before. Sex was always exciting with new props and positions. I went for your graduation ceremony and you told me to propose to you when I graduate. We seemed inseparable as a couple and never lost love for each other. We went overseas tgt during winter and made a lot of great memories. Going to the Onsen tgt, having sex in zero degrees with the windows open. Once we took the bullet train but we sat in different cabins. I didn’t have mobile data so we had to be careful not to miss each other at our stop. We reached our stop and you came running towards me and hugged me at the train station like some movie scene. You got a pet too which we treated it like our son. You wanted an older son and younger daughter next time so that the brother would take care of his sister. We wanted our child to study at NTU next time. You were family to me already. We had so many great memories tgt. But things ended messily and no one expected that. I thought I would propose to you this year yet you are with another guy now. I still hope one day you will come back to me to create more memories.