NUSWhispers – Confession #85226

Sorry I just need to rant.. Recently my boyfriend bought me a Louis Vuitton wallet which costs around $700 for my birthday. When I saw the wallet, I felt really upset and disappointed. Because earlier this year, my sister's bf got her a Chanel wallet which costs at least $1000 for her birthday. Chanel is so much nicer than LV. Let's be honest, LV is for poor people who want to look rich. And during this CB, her bf always order food from more popular restaurants like Crystal Jade and Paradise Dynasty for her. But my bf only orders food from cheap restaurants like Swensen's and Ichiban for me. Her bf even gives her $1000 a month for her own spending. But my bf only gives me $500 a month. I hate to admit but I really feel very jealous of my sister because her bf is willing to spend money on her despite earning just $4k a month. My bf earns at least $5k and yet he is so stingy with me. Sometimes I really feel like a loser.. why my sister can find such a good bf but I just cannot. Just because she is taller and slimmer, she can find a good bf.. it's so unfair. Sorry for the long rant.