NUSWhispers – Confession #83856

Looking at all these posts against and or prostitution, it is clear to me that most Singaporeans clearly do not know the local sex trade well enough. This post serves as a good overview of the trade in Singapore in my 3+ years of experience visiting. So, prostitutes in Singapore come in many forms but they are generally split among 2 groups: licensed and unlicensed. The licensed prostitutes are the ones in geylang and there are 3 nationalities available: China, Viet, and Thai. There are also price range for each. All prices are per shot but visit time varies. Thai girls are at 40, 50( the majority), and 80 per pop. This is similar to the viets. China, however are much more expensive at 80 at the lower end and 150 for the majority. The pimp generally takes half of the pay and these girls work here for 2 years before cutting card. If the girls are popular because of her looks or service, she is usually known as the angpai and makes alot of money. The bulk of their income comes from regulars who visit them in a consistent basis and give them gifts. I asked one thai angpai and she said she gets like 15 customer per day. This equates to nearly 10000/month. Furthermore, her room is littered with all sorts of branded bags and expensive gifts, which she probably got from her richer regulars. A poor student like me can only afford the 50 bucks... Coincidentally, she look like a tall (172cm) Japanese actress but that is beside the point. However, the not so popular ones who do not have many customers usually leave earlier than the 2 years as they do not make enough for their stay to be worthwhile. Generally, after 2 years here, they can make nearly 100-200k before going back. The chinese prostitutes usually make more as they take 100/shot(after splitting) and they are usually the most popular category among the richer clientele. Then there are the unlicensed ones. They are known as Freelancers(FL) and are mostly online. There are a few who walk the streets in Geylang Lorong 24 or Orchard Towers but their numbers have dwindled significantly over the years which is quite unfortunate. These girls are generally cheaper but their time spent is shorter. They are also quite wary as sometimes the police would come in to catch and deport them back. They are usually on tourist visas so their time here is short. The online FL are also on tourist visa and at risk of getting caught but usually there is an agent to organise and protect them. They would scan the surroundings and make sure there is no police before letting you in. Some also require your username on the forums so as to make sure you are not an undercover cops. Most of this is accessible from the forums and are broadly split into 4 categories: Thai, China, Local and others. The thai and china charge around 100-150 while the others have a huge array of nationality to choose from. It is however the most expensive. They feature russians, koreans, french, swedes, japanese but they charge nearly 500 per shot. Personally, I have yet to visit them as I am a poor undergraduate. Then, of course there the local girls which are also very expensive. The younger ones like those local poly students or fellow NUS undergrads doing this part time(yes, some of your friends maybe doing this without you knowing) are the most expensive at nearly 700 per pop. I heard of even higher end escort websites that service really rich people that charge like thousands per night (5000++) but these are all way out of a budget range of a student so I cant elaborate further. There are a few milfs and married ladies at 30s but even those are not cheap at nearly 300-500. As they are locals, it is legal for them so they do not have to be afraid of the police. The only thing they risk is possibly their reputation which is why their faces are blurred on the forums. Also, they are the ones that make the most money due to their exorbitant price ranges. They also take the full cut as these local girls are usually tech savvy and most operate under no agent. Some may pay abit for advertisement. If you crunch the numbers, these undergrads at 700 per pop do make absurdly lot of money (20k a month is very possible even for part timers) and their regulars(who usually are rich man that can afford these) buy them gifts like branded bags or generous tips. Lastly there are massage parlours which operate under the guise of a massage shop but actually provide happy endings. I seldom go there but they usually are around 100-150. They would try to trick foreigners and newcomers who are unfamiliar to the regular price into paying ridiculous amounts like 300-500+ but if you do your research, you should be fine. Overall, the prostitution industry in Singapore, while mostly invisible from the outside, does exist and I am sure many of our guys visit before. I am pretty sure my dad probably visits them before without my mom's knowledge. In fact, I would be surprised if he didn't! I am not sure about other country but there are very few reported case of violence around here, as these girls are usually protected by their pimps and Singaporean man are not very aggressive, alpha and dominant to begin with which is a good thing in some cases, although that is also why our local girls usually find us unmanly and boring :'( Hygiene practices are strict and most girls will never do it raw (not all though, you just need to find the right ones). Hopefully, this little infographic would help enlighten the public. Of course, I am merely scratching the surface. If you guys are interested, there is the very imfamous sammyboyforum which you can access via a VPN. Most of the informations can be found there! PS. If you want visit for research purposes, wait til Covid ends, most of these places have shut down temporarily because of CB, a few of them are still available online though.