NUSWhispers – Confession #63802

Dear all local university graduates, when you are searching for a job, please ask for a realistic pay. Over the past week, I have interviewed some students who have ZERO working experience asking for pay of 7k and onwards. When asked for their reason for wanting that pay, their reason? "I graduated from a local university with first class honor" Word of advice to all 1. Please study the company properly before asking for sky high pay. Not all companies are Google, JP Morgan, Facebook that can give you sky high pay. 2. Continuing from point 1. find out who are you interviewing with and read up on his/her profile on LinkedIn etc. I have a handful of candidates whom are already informed that they are meeting the "Regional Managing Director - APAC" still tries to correct me on my company. 3. Don't get all defensive and offended when the interviewer ask you "Why do you think you deserve this pay" etc. 4. Grades is nothing to the eyes of more and more companies, we are looking for the right person with the right attitude. Few years back, I hired a student from NUS who was nearly expelled twice and took 6 years to complete his degree. Today he is one of my managers with a team of 20 under him. With that, wishing all graduates good luck and all the best. Peace out