NUSWhispers – Confession #63089

Just posting this to say I'm feeling crap and really upset right now. I don't get why government agencies must be so fucking opaque with their hiring procedures. I'm a fresh grad, just applied to MOE to teach Secondary-level History, got interviewed last month. Spent the whole time waiting for an answer from them, at the same time going for other interviews with private companies and organisations. Most of them blanched when they asked me if I had any other job interviews going on and I told them yes I'm waiting on MOE for a reply; I can only assume it's because they know how badly HR at government organisations will drag their feet with replies and that directly impacts on my ability to immediately commit to their job without waiting for MOE to reply me and offer me a job. So one whole fucking month gone. Wasted. Six interviews last month including MOE, only 2 other than MOE are still pending replies, and they were held in the last week of April so there's still time. And today afternoon I wake up to the email from MOE. "We refer to your application for a teaching position. Thank you for your interest in teaching, and the time you had taken to be at the interview. After careful consideration of your application in totality and in competition with the other applicants, we would like to inform you that your application is unsuccessful. We wish you every success in your future endeavours." Not even a "not successful now but we'll KIV you for future job offers" as I know government agencies are prone to doing sometimes. But a straight up "no we don't want you, don't bother applying again" reply from their HR. I just wasted one whole month and a bit hoping and wanting to work as a teacher in MOE for my longterm career. All killed off with just one email. No reason, no accountability, no do-overs, no explanations. Nothing. Why are applicants deemed to be unable to handle whatever reason it was that they failed their job applications? How do you expect us to improve or feel that we've been fairly assessed and treated when we don't know what sort of benchmark you people at government HR sections judge us with? I'm beyond being angry. I'm just crushed. I never wanted to be a teacher initially. But my high school form teacher and English teacher were such inspirations and mentors to me that eleven years on after I graduated and left my school, I wanted to be a teacher just like them and work alongside them. And now it's all gone. Dusted. May as well have been Thanos snapping his fingers on my longterm career prospects. Just feel like shit now. Not even enough to be truly angry, just crushed and helpless. I don't have a fallback job to just be working at now either. How many more days do I have to add to my career gap before I get lucky? May 9 was my enlistment date eight years ago. Now May 9 is going to be remembered for something even more bitter than that.