NUSWhispers – Confession #23153

Tips for freshie: 1) At computing/biz bus stop, see which direction bus is going( pgp, KR mrt or utown) 2) arts canteen jap food always give a lot of food for bento, don't order the bowl. 3) biz canteen is the worst,period! 4) engine canteen has the best ayam penyet and western 5) utown hwang restaurant has the best korean food 6) sarpino have 50% on eatigo ( eatigo: best app on earth) 7) don't be afraid to study at seminar/tutorial room. Just leave if a class is starting. 8) this is uni, not jc/poly. You can do your best and get a B or C. Just suck it up and start over next sem 9) it's ok to be like a loner like me. You will people with a lot of friend AND people with no friends. Just keep jioing tutorial friends or ns or jc or OG( if there is) and slowly your social circle will expand naturally 10)utown is a really good place to chill in the evening or chat at night wif friends 11) try to join activities and event. Its the best way to make new friends. 12) you can study at clb or the Chinese library( it links!) 13) when you have burn out, just drink teh ping or go exercise. 14) uni gonna sux, its a matter of how suky it will be... just reduce the sukyness by joining activities and doing what you like, or get a bf/gf?