NUSWhispers – Confession #22964

Hey freshies, Thought I'd contribute to the tips too, so listen up! 1. Send printing jobs from your laptop to the library's network printer! Skip the queue for computers and go straight to the Print Release Station 2. When you're bidding, try to hold your horses till closed bidding. Or else, you're most likely gonna see that minimum bid rise and rise along with your blood pressure. 3. Feel free to arrange classes conducted in different parts of the campus next to each other. Lecturers usually release the class 35mins earlier for you guys to travel to the next venue--unless you're damn suay, and the lecturer goes on and on. For people having to travel to UTown for classes from other faculties, I'll say 35mins will still be rather tight for you (overcrowded shuttle buses) but not impossible. Try to put lectures after tutorials, rather be slightly late for lectures than tutorials! 4. Basically from Kent Ridge MRT: Utown - Bus D2 FASS/Computing/Engine/Biz - A1 5. FOS students, you can get to the Science campus by walking through/along NUH (5mins walk). Please don't go and squeeze together with everybody else who legitimately needs the shuttle bus. 6. LKCNHM (Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum) is free for all NUS students. Got dinosaurs bones inside, quite cool. If you have time, go in and have a look. That's all I can think of at the moment, but anyways, rest well and look forward to the start of uni life. It'll be great! Cheers, NUS alumni