NUSWhispers – Confession #22905

Hi Freshies of AY2016/17, Here's a few handy tips for surviving in NUS: 2. - For textbooks/past year papers/ Research papers (Very important!!) 3. - A sneak peek at most of the modules available with complete lecture notes/tutorials/etc 4. - Bidding has already started ! 5. Plan your modules using this nifty website developed by our very own students : 6. General rule of thumb across all schools and faculties in NUS is to never plagiarise. Always send in your final report through a plagiarism checker first before submitting. NUS takes plagiarism very seriously (I know because I was nearly expelled for one of the assignments during Y1S1). By the way, intentional or unintentional lifting of sentences of paragraphs constitutes an act of plagiarism. 7. Plan your modules well. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail... has never been truer. At least for me lol. 8. If you are feeling depressed, seek help. There are great counselling sessions (and medications) at the University Health Centre (UHC), the place where you did your body check-up prior to matriculating. Talk to friends, join a CCA ( if you don't like it, quit. Don't force yourself into liking something.. it is quite toxic.) Depression is not a weakness of the mind in much the same way as diabetes is a weakness of the pancreas. They both need treatment immediately to help you to survive. To live however, is an entirely different matter ha ha... ok I digress. 9. Sometimes, the friends you make in school lurk unassumingly in lecture halls, CCAs, gym, random smiles at the bus-stop, common modules taken, friend intro etc etc. I made a very good friend for one of the modules taken during Y1S1. While he was an introvert (or so i thought), I made small talk with him and before I knew it, we became fast friends. The number of good friends I've made in NUS can be counted on one hand. But they have provided me with valuable information, laughter, HTHT sessions and whatnot. These friendships were all forged in the above mentioned places and sadly not in camps ha ha. In life, you only need a few good friends that have your back when you need it. That and your Significant Other HA HA. 1. I believe I triggered the OCD in some of you when you noticed bullet point one was missing at the beginning of this post. That is good. Attention to detail is very important. Ok i digress again. Anyway you can skip the previous points mentioned because this point is the most important. And that is to enjoy what you are learning in school. If you don't like your major, change it don't drag. If you find some modules you've taken to be boring, make it interesting (or drop it before week 5?). Don't dwell on the past (failures? bad grades?) or worry too much about the future. Enjoy learning in the present. It is a gift. Time lost which cannot be recovered. Anyway this post is freaking long so imma just peace out.. gotta live my life now :D Cheers, Your senior