NUSWhispers – Confession #22833

In light of all this negativity towards the NUS community, I think it’s time for us to band together and stay strong. For the incoming freshmen, I understand that some of you might be unfairly robbed of your chance to forge new friendships, or the chance to gain the ‘know-hows’ from your seniors that might make varsity life easier. So here’s some stuff that I’ve picked up over the years at NUS that was indispensable to me, as a student which I hope, would also benefit you. First up, get the Proxy Bookmarklet installed on your laptops/desktops. The instructions for installation on both Windows/Mac devices can be found here: Once installed, if you ever come across a journal article in an academic journal that you wish to access, just go to your bookmarks and click on the proxy bookmarklet to gain free access to the article by signing in with your NUSNET ID. These articles help to complement your learning, and also help one with writing good essays/assignments. Second, get EndNote! This is a referencing software that helps you to manage and format your citations when you are writing your assignments and essays. They have a ton of reference styles uploaded within their database and you’ll never need to type out your references manually ever again. Without EndNote, I would have never finished my thesis. Instructions for installations are found here: All these resources are FOC; so make full use of them! As an ending note, I also urge other seniors or NUS alumni to also share their tips/advice to the incoming freshmen. Welcome to NUS, don’t let the cancellation of O’WEEK cast a shadow over the start of your varsity life! PS: Eh, sitting at the bar seats along the windows of the Med Block Starbucks still give you access to the school much stronger wifi over Starbucks’ spotty wifi. Now you know. ;)